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Are you or any of your family members interested in  placing an ad in our bulletin?

It can be done for as low as $21/month…

  • Advertising rates are as follows:

* $250 for a small ad

* $400 for a large ad

  • Many advertisers insert a copy of their business card or if you prefer, we can set your ad copy to fit.
  • The bulletin is published each week and is made available at all weekend Masses.   Average print quantity of the bulletin is 365 copies; however, print quantity usually increases for holiday editions of the bulletin.
  • Ads are renewable on a yearly basis.
  • We make recommendations from those advertising on our bulletin when called.
  • Your ad purchase helps to defray the cost of printing the bulletin for our parishioners.
  • Although the ad purchase does not qualify as a charitable deduction, it may be deductible as a business expense. Check with your tax advisor.
  • St. Anne Parish reserves the right to reject ads or ad copy that is not consistent with the Catholic faith.
  • Contact the parish office, 705 745 3229, or email office@stannespeterborough.ca for further information on placing an ad in our bulletin.