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P.O. Box 175, Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 6Y8; BishopMiehm@peterboroughdiocese.org
Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough
May 16, 2022
Season of Easter
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am pleased to provide this overview about the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (“IRF”) and the participation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough.
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops at its September 2021 Plenary meeting announced a nation-wide collective financial commitment in the amount of $30 million dollars to support healing and reconciliation initiatives for residential school survivors, their families, and their communities. The IRF serves as a tangible expression of the commitment to engage in truth, reconciliation, and healing with Indigenous Peoples and to address the trauma Indigenous Peoples experienced and continue to experience to this day due to the Residential Schools Policy.
Each Diocese across Canada has pledged a sum of money to ensure that the national financial commitment will be met. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough (“Diocese”) was asked and has agreed to pledge the sum of $400 000.
The funds will be overseen by a local committee comprised of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (“FNMI”) representation and used for these purposes:
• Healing and reconciliation for communities and families;
• Culture and language revitalization;
• Education and community building; and
• Dialogues for promoting indigenous spirituality and culture.
These Indigenous Peoples reside within the territorial boundaries of the Diocese:
• Hiawatha First Nation
• Magnetawan First Nation, Britt
P.O. Box 175, Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 6Y8; BishopMiehm@peterboroughdiocese.org
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• Alderville First Nation, Roseneath
• Wahta Mohawks First Nation, Bala
• Moose Deer Point First Nation, Mactier
• Henvey Inlet First Nation, Pickerel
• Shawanaga First Nation, Nobel
• Wasauksing First Nation, Parry Sound
• Curve Lake First Nation
• Métis Nation of Ontario – Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council
• Métis Nation of Ontario – Moon River Métis Council
The Diocese is engaging with the Indigenous Peoples residing here and establishing the local IRF Committee to oversee the collection and disbursement of funds in partnership with the national IRF Committee.
The Bishop’s Appeal in 2022 on July 3rd and 10th will be ear-marked for the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund and additionally, there will be two other collections in 2023 allocated for the IRF.
The Diocese of Peterborough supports the CCCB effort to promote healing and reconciliation with our Indigenous sisters and brothers. With Jesus Christ as our model, the Church stands with those who suffer, those who mourn, and those who hunger for righteousness.
May God bless our journey toward healing and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.
Yours in Christ,
†Most Reverend Daniel J. Miehm
Bishop of Peterborough