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The seringueiros: protectors in peril On reserves created by the Brazilian state, the seringueiros tap rubber trees and gather nuts and fruits for subsistence. But their lands are now coveted by powerful loggers, hunters, ranchers, soybean farmers, etc. They are facing increasing threats, intimidation and persecution. Despite these hardships, the seringueiros prefer remaining in place to tend their beloved forest. Development and Peace’s partner, the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), supports the seringueiros by documenting violations of their rights and by helping them legally contest the seizure of their lands. “Those who want to help us should immediately come to see what is happening here so that we may keep the forest standing.” – Ederson Chaves Dias, seringueiro, Angelim Reserve, Machadinho d’Oeste Watch the seringueiros’ testimony at devp.org/campaign/seringueiros.