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Saint Anne, chosen by God to be the mother of Mary, His own Blessed Mother on earth, was the spouse of Saint Joachim. Ancestor of the Eternal King and High Priest, Joachim was of the royal house of David, while Anne was of Levitical descent. Their lives were wholly occupied with prayer and good works. One thing only was wanting to their union — they were childless, and this was held as a bitter misfortune among the Jews. At length, when Anne was well advanced in age, Mary was born, the fruit rather of grace than of nature, and the child more of God than of man. With the birth of Mary, the holy matron began a new life; she watched Her every movement with reverent tenderness, and, aware of the little one’s destiny, felt herself hourly sanctified by the presence of her Immaculate Child. But she had vowed her daughter to God; to God the child Mary had already consecrated Herself, and to Him Anne gave Her back. Mary was three years old when Anne and Joachim led Her to the Temple steps, saw Her pass by Herself into the inner sanctuary, and then saw Her no more. Thus, was Anne left childless in her old age, and deprived of her purest earthly joy. The holiest parents on earth could not, in the plan of God, raise this Child as was needed: Mary had to suffer from Her earliest years. Saint Anne and Saint Joachim humbly adored the Divine Will, and continued to watch and pray, until God called them to unending rest.

Due to Covid 19, this year ‘s celebration will be on a smaller scale but still filled with spiritual blessings.  We will begin a 9-day novena to Good St. Anne for God ‘s blessing upon our parish and all during these difficult times.  If possible, we will try to do something safe/social distancing events during the Triduum (3 days before the Feast Day) for example: Confession, and special prayers.

Every Tuesday is dedicated to Good St. Anne here at our parish. Her chaplet is prayed following Tuesday morning Mass for your intentions, for our home bound , sick and those in need.

Please keep abreast on these events, times, and locations on our Parish Webpage or posters.

May Good St. Anne watch over our Parish Family and continue to intercede on our behalf to her Grandson Jesus our Saviour.