Intentions of the Mass:

The celebration of the Mass is usually offered for a specific intention, or intentions: usually for a person or persons, living or deceased. What we are offering is the Sacrifice of Calvary (Christ Crucified) made present on our altars, which is primarily what the Mass is, and we are offering it specifically for the individual or individuals mentioned in the intentions. Intentions are usually read out by the priest at the beginning of the Mass, such as, “This Mass is being offered for ….” Note that it is not necessary for the priest to do this. When the priest does announce the intention of the Mass, all the faithful should unite in offering the Mass for the specific intention. What we are really doing is offering Jesus Crucified to our Heavenly Father and applying the merits that Christ obtained by His passion and death to the specific intention that the Mass is being offered for. This is a great act of charity. It is important to keep in mind that in addition to the primary intention of a particular Mass, each of us can offer the same Mass also for our own intention; whether it is for something we need or for a person we wish to pray for. Doing this can also help make the Mass more meaningful to ourselves. The public, or announced, intention of a Mass must be booked through the parish office, for a suggested donation of $20.

We also have the Special Devotion Candle near St. Anne’s statue that burns for a week for your intention. This can be booked through the parish office. Suggested donation of $20.00