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Easter is a time of reflection of Jesus’ sacrifice, but how about living the resurrection everyday of your life.

Sacrificing and being selfless like Christ can be an everyday experience. How? It may not be selling everything you own. It can be giving up buying an item in order to help someone who is struggling. It could be giving up your time after a long day to read to children or teach a class.

Humility. Christ humbled Himself in front of God and His oppressors. There will be many times God does not want you to retaliate, allow others to have their say, in addition to submitting our wills to His.

Forgiveness Christ showed forgiveness throughout His time on earth leading up to His death on the cross. We have the opportunity to practice forgiveness daily at home, work, church, and on the road when dealing with mad drivers.

Hope Without hope, the people will perish. Jesus showed the world that there is hope after a hectic day, death, sickness, and sin. We have this daily, that He will show us hope.

Justice The resurrection showed that God will bring justice, and good will overcome evil. We can approach our day knowing that He is in control.

Joy in the world is hard to come by. Find a scripture to anchor to that will help you during tough days and remember the amazing joy knowing that Christ is Lord over all.