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With no masses & the office closed, the only monies coming into the parish are currently from those with automatic deductions.

The preferred method to support the parish at present is donating online (by credit card or Paypal) available at https://www.peterboroughdiocese.org/en/get-involved/donate.aspx  Just click on the parish to which you want to make the donation.

St. Vincent de Paul also continues to need our support.  You can donate to them at: http://ssvp.on.ca/en/donations.php

If donating online doesn’t work for you, you may place your cheque payable to St. Anne Parish (no cash please) in your offertory envelope or an envelope with your name & address (hint -use return address label), amount and offertory envelope number if you have one. It can be placed in the Rectory Mailbox (located at the entrance door to the rectory – by the office). NOTE:  ENVELOPES CAN BE LEFT BETWEEN 9 AND 3 PM ONLY.

Fr. Randy would really appreciate this and continues to remember all parishioners in his daily masses.