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Arrive on Time. Please arrive at the Church 15-20 minutes prior to Mass. This ensures a steady flow and that we are able to start Mass on time. Doors are locked once capacity is reached.

¨ Once you have arrived at Church you are asked to check in at the front door, reminder contact tracing is done by:

  1. Sunday Envelopes.
  2. Printing your name and phone on a piece a pa per and placing it in the collection basket.
  3. Signing the sheet located at the main door

¨  Wearing a mask is mandatory inside all public spaces in Peterborough Region. Upon entering the parish building, please wear a mask and wear it correctly – covering your mouth, nose and chin for the duration of time you are in the parish,  most especially when in the communion line.

¨  Sanitize your Hands. Please be sure to sanitize your hands upon entering the Church to prevent the spread of germs.

¨  Stay Seated. Once you are seated in your pew, you are to remain there during the entire Mass. No visiting other pews. Washrooms are for emergency use only.

¨  Communion Time. Communion will be distributed section by section starting with outer walls and moving inward to the centre. Please remain in your section until Father has completed the other section. Please remember to keep social distancing as marked out on the floor.

¨  Exit and Return Home. Please leave via any door of the Church. No lingering in the aisles, outside on the porch, or in the parking lot.