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This is often one of the hardest things to do. Rather than allowing the mystery of being created in the image and likeness of God unfold and take root in our lives, we change the dynamic. We want to be the creators who want to make God into the image and likeness we need God to be. We have a hard enough time letting the people in our lives be who they are. We struggle even more so with God.

It is almost as if we want God to be our imaginary friend who is not only with us whenever we need but becomes the Being, we need God to be. Who is it that we want God to be today? A protector, disciplinarian, champion for justice, healer, advocate for our cause, grantor of prayers, guardian of my life, or the avenger? Our prayers tell an interesting story. When you pray, what does God look like?

Recently, a young woman who was feeling invisible, overlooked, ignored, and misunderstood by her husband struggled to make her feelings known and get his attention. Finally, she screamed, “Listen to me!” Thus, birth was given to a renewed and healthier relationship. We spend so much time storming heaven with our agenda and trying to make God into a “god” of our desires that we do not hear God saying, “Listen to me!” God is desperately trying to get our attention. God is saying, I am here among you as not one but three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many people seldom notice God’s presence because they are so caught up with other spiritual cares and concerns.

And, when the “god” they fashion and create doesn’t produce as they desire, they shake the dust from their feet and move on. “I tried,” they exclaim, “but God didn’t listen.” Healthy relationships aren’t built on making someone be who we need them to be. Healthy relationships are built on encounters of persons and the development of an appreciation of someone solely for who they are. Deeper relationships can even be found with two people marveling at each other and almost experiencing a childlike joy and giddiness when they see the other coming. Do you ever have these feelings about God? Believe it or not, God does for you!

There is a joyful laughter that gives rise to and connects all three members of the Holy Trinity. It is this laughter, flowing from the very depths of the Godhead that not only keeps the Trinity in joyful unity but spills over into the creation of all beings and things. It is an expression of Divine Delight! Have you ever taken time away from your agenda to experience the Divine Joyfulness of God?

We can reach a connection of Presence wherein even the smallest of creatures suddenly radiate the fullness of God: the wonderful creation of their being, the innocence and playfulness of their movements, and the sustaining life breath that flows through their veins. The same God who created the heavens and the earth is the same God who wants you to call him ‘Dad’ and the same God who preserves your life and has all things in His care.