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Beginning in July 2022, the Parish now accepts donations and payments via Interac e-Transfer®.

100% of Interac e-Transfer funds go directly to our St. Anne Parish.

If you have been giving online via the previous Canada Helps link, consider changing to e-Transfer. The Canada Helps program has been very good, but comes with a 3% processing fee. By contrast, 100% of the donations or payments made through Interac go directly to our St. Anne Parish.

How to send an e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfers are sent via your online bank. You can use either a computer browser or a bank-specific mobile phone application to set it up.

Add St. Anne Parish as a Payee

The first time you send the Parish an e-Transfer, you need to create a new Payee. Depending on your bank, this step may be automatically done as part of sending an e-Transfer, but you can usually also do it manually.

  1. Log into your online bank account
  2. Look for a heading like Interac E-Transfers or Transfer money
  3. Find the Contacts or Payees section
  4. Create a new contact/payee, to be notified by email. Use the following email address:


Ensure you enter the email address correctly and exactly as above.

To ensure maximum security, auto deposit is set up for our Parish. This means there is no security question and answer needed for transfers to our Parish. The money will automatically be deposited in our Parish bank account as directed by you. 

Make an E-Transfer

  1. Log into your online bank account
  2. Look for a heading like Interac E-Transfers or Transfer money
  3. Enter your donation Amount
  4. Select the account you are donating from
  5. Select the previously made St. Anne Parish payee, or complete the email address section of the recipient office@stannespeterborough.ca
  6. In the memo line or message box, add:
    – Your name
    – Your address
    – The Offertory or payment type (see below)
  7. Before sending, verify the details of your e-transfer 

Reminder: Auto-deposit is set up for our Parish, so there’s NO need for a security question and answer. The money will be automatically deposited in our Parish bank account as directed by you.

Offertory / Payment Types:

  • Sunday Offertory
  • Donation
  • Special Collection
  • Mass Intention
  • Capital Donation
  • Sacrament books
  • Copy of certificate request
  • Hall rental
  • Bulletin advertising
  • other, as decided with the Parish Office

If you are currently donating through Canada Helps, there is a 3% processing fee taken by them and the balance is sent to the parish. 

If you have any questions, please contact Parish Office at 705 745 3229 or email to office@stannespeterborough.ca

Disclaimer: The Diocese information above does not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever.  Nothing published constitutes a recommendation to utilize Interac e-Transfer and the Diocese recommends you speak to a qualified professional before making any type of online contribution or donation.  By sending the Diocese and or its Parishes an e-Transfer you understand and agree that use of Interac e-Transfers is at your sole risk.