Prayers for the Sick

Join with us as we pray for the sick and ask Jesus to heal their illness. Alice Amyotte, Dave McKeiver, George McKeiver, Mark Kelly, Terry Higgins, Rosaline Van Bakel, Joan Buchanan, Jacqueline Burke, Paul Crough, Norma Davis,  Steve Fleming,...

School Christmas Concerts:

December 10th   K Concert                          1:30p.m. Primary Concert               6p.m. December 18th   Junior Window Evening   6p.m. Please note that the parking lot will be busy during these times with extra cars etc.  

Calendar of Events

Event Date & Time Place Bag lunch with Jesus Monday December 9     12-1pm Hall K of C General Meeting Tuesday December 10    @ 7 pm Hall Confirmation Session 4 Tuesday December 10 @ 6:30 pm Hall RCIA Wednesday December...