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Updated Sept, 17, 2020

The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy are:

  • To feed the hungry
  • To give drink to the thirsty
  • To clothe the naked
  • To visit the imprisoned
  • To shelter the homeless
  • To visit the sick
  • To bury the dead


The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy are:

  • To admonish the sinner
  • Teach the ignorant
  • To counsel the doubtful
  • To comfort those who suffer
  • Be patient with others
  • Forgive others who hurt you
  • Pray for others.

Remember, when someone is wrong or you are wrong, follow the path of friendly correction and forgiveness. Your options would be primarily on self-correction, brotherly correction and finally go for God’s correction.


I’m happy to see more people returning to Mass and I pray that we will all be able to gather together again soon. Meanwhile, since our attendance is increasing , I recommend that you do not come to Mass at the last minute. Please don’t be shy, take the seats up front and follow the directions of our great ushers.